As IMC, we are aware of the pollution in the world. To inform more people about sustainability, we organized a conference named IMC Talks. We invited Gülçin İster -a successful business EHS Manager and a woman engineer in International Paper company- and we were informed about sustainability forest to deforestation for producing paper and paper products with Gülçin İster. The second speaker - Bora Akgün- is a physics academician at Boğaziçi University. Also, he worked in CERN for many years as a physicist.

We were informed about sustainable energy. The last speaker -Bahar Özay- is representative of UN SDSN Turkey. We were informed about sustainability in general terms, and we discussed 17 different SDSN goals at our conference to provide information about areas of extension. We reached 55 people around Turkey. In favor of speakers, we could reach out to people and raise awareness about sustainability with several topics. Thorough, we could share consciousness with many different people under FIRST goals and a new liveable world.